Fire Brick

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Because Fire Tiles have a large thermal mass and are burnt between 1000 and 1250 degrees Celsius to consolidate their structure, fire bricks are excellent heat insulators. For the fireplace’s heat to have any impact on the brick, it would need to be at a greater level than this.

Since the fire is supported by the base, this often receives the most heat. On a bed of braai, a fire brick or solid fire tile should be placed here. Don’t cement the grout or the bed; they need to move to accommodate the expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature. An edge constraint can be created by grouting in the fire bricks or fire tiles at the braai’s entrance.

They don’t get as much heat because the fire is typically never built exactly at the aperture. The fire bricks behind won’t fall out or become loose if these are grouted. It functions as a kerbing.