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Kilimanjaro Brick Tiles

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Celebrating the passion and joy of love, our Deep Rose Color Brick Tiles enchants your home with beauty.

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Kilimanjaro Brick Tiles Celebrate the passion and joy of love, our Deep Rose Color Brick Tiles enchants your home with beauty.

AVG Tile Dimensions: 222mm L x 73mm H x 9mm W

Box Specifications:
AVG 1sq/m per Box
12-14kg per Box
52 Tiles per Box

Kilimanjaro Face Brick Tiles

Full face brick is substantially thicker than thin brick. Face Brick Tiles has long been used in construction. Because it mimics the appearance and feel of a brick installation without the weight or building requirements associated with complete brick, thin brick is appealing.

Thin face brick allows for a brick finish that is not constrained by footers and labor-intensive masonry work. Instead, use the tried-and-true installation techniques for ceramic tiles to install thin brick.

The interest in thin bricks has increased recently as production technology has advanced and design preferences have gone back to natural materials. This resurgence of interest is related to a trend toward beautifying indoor and outdoor applications by using a variety of brick cladding solutions. A great material for a brick cladding is face brick tiles.

Not every thin brick is created equal, as is the case with other construction materials. It is occasionally done to cut tiny bricks from the faces of fresh or recycled complete bricks, which can be a wasteful practice. Like their larger counterparts, brick wall tiles are typically built of clay and shale but are not always. Some thin bricks are built of fiberglass, cement, or other imitation materials. Some thin bricks perform so well they can be used in any section of the house or company, both indoors and out, while others are too porous to be utilized in damp or outdoor situations.


About Brick Tiles

Manufactured in South-Africa, our clay bricks are fired in a clamp kiln, through a process that is unique to Africa.

Extremely durable, clay face bricks are cut into 9mm slices, these we call brick tiles or brick slips, that is then used for cladding.

When the clamp kiln is unpacked, the various colors are classified and sorted into a pre-determined color range, ranging through purple, dark red, and then to yellow, brown and even red borders with black streaks inside.

Face bricks similar in color range are stacked into a tile cutting machine where several diamond blades will cut the bricks into brick tiles. With this process, we exposes the earthy beauty colors hidden inside the face bricks.

No brick tile is identical to the other, however a certain range of bricks tiles will render a arm age of similar colors, rendering a cone of a kind tiled wall with an aesthetic and unique, earthy appearance


Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 15 cm
AVG Tile Dimensions:

222mm L x 73mm H x 9mm W

Box Specifications:

AVG 1sq/m per Box
12-14kg per Box
52 Tiles per Box


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8 reviews for Kilimanjaro Brick Tiles

  1. Tanya Fourie

    Price and quality of this cladding is great. Super impressed and happy with how my walls now look.

  2. Jo-Anne

    fell in love with this brick tile and I’m thrilled that it looks even better in my home than in the brochure . Thank you for a wonderful product

  3. Ester

    We used the Kilimanjaro Brick Tile for our master bathroom renovation and we were extremely impressed. Burney guided us through selecting the color scheme, tile layout and complement accent features, which made this remodel into a beautiful, extraordinary dream bathroom! Thank you Burney!!

  4. Vikki Thomas

    I’m astounded by the quality and how affordable it was to transform our dreary fire place into a work of art!
    Staff were incredible too. Thank you

  5. Zoe Duff

    If i could re do my entire house in this cladding i would!! We just renovated our CEO’s office in this phenomenal brick tile! I took a sample home and my husband insisted we renovate his “Manne Grot” . he placed an order and within a jiffy, we had all the tiles and installed it! Whats good for the goose is good for the gander – so my craft room is on the schedule for next month! YAY for me!! Amazing how these clay tiles creates such a vibe that fits in perfectly to ones energy.

  6. Prudence

    Our school classrooms desperately needed a revamp without costing an arm and a leg. Blown away with how good the walls now look! A safe and happy place for learning.

  7. Dion VD Walt

    Thank you for all the assistance and quick delivery. Much appreciated.

  8. Ben Shire

    Very impressed. The colour of the brick tile just enhanced the room. Great quality and packaging

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