Brick Tiles

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Brick tiles are cut from face bricks and are designed to create a unique attractive quality finish that is weatherproof and maintenance free for life.

Our brick tiles are cut from a variety of different colors exposing most of the colors that are unique to South African Clay.

Who doesn’t like the look and feel of a brick wall exposed to the elements? The warmth and color provided by bare bricks is timeless. Fortunately, obtaining this look is now easier than ever; brick tiles are a cost-effective and efficient method to update the inside or exterior of your home without having to build a new brick wall from the ground up.

Brick tiles, also known as brick slips or brick veneers, are thin slivers of normal brick that can be used in the same way that ceramic tiles are used.
Bricks are baked clay, calcium-silicate, or concrete rectangular bricks. For thousands of years, people have been laying bricks.

Bricks reached their height of popularity during the Industrial Revolution, when mass-produced bricks replaced stone as the de-facto building material, as stone was more expensive and unpredictable when employed in construction.
Mortar is an adhesive paste created from a combination of sand, cement, and water. Mortar was invented by the ancient Israelites and Egyptians as a building material. It has been found in structures dating back 10,000 years and is still a common building material today.