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Brick Tile Shop timeless clay brick tiles are perfect for any interior or exterior application in both residential and commercial design

Brick Tile Shop clay brick tiles provide a unique, natural, and organic look. The color variety of our products originates from a traditional brick firing method we employ. Brick Tile Shop tiles provide a stylish alternative to artificial tiles and can be used to both transform the appearance and enhance the value of any room or wall.

Our range of face brick tiles are used to transform ordinary walls into aesthetically appealing walls. Brick Tile Shop environmentally friendly products offer value for money and a sound, long-term investment.

Modern, automated clay brick firing methods, cannot render face bricks with a wide spectrum of colors. The firing method we use gives clay brick tiles that are unique in texture and appearance.

Brick Tile Shop brick tiles are lightweight, chemically inert, acoustically sound, and strong.

Fired clay face brick tiles contain zero toxins or harmful leachates and are eco-friendly to use inside a home or office.

Most clay bricks in South Africa, are clamp kiln fired. This method is unique to Africa.

During the unpacking of a clamp kiln, bricks are classified in a variety of predetermined colors. The color range can vary range from purple, dark red, yellow, brown, and even red borders with black streaks inside.

Face bricks similar in the color range are placed into a tile cutting machine where several diamond blades will cut the bricks into 9mm thick brick cladding tiles. The cutting process exposes the earthy beautiful colors hidden inside the face bricks.

Not one brick tile is identical to the other, however, a certain colour range of bricks will render a range of similar colors, resulting in a one-of-a-kind tiled wall with an aesthetic and unique, earthy appearance.

Once the first color is selected, color harmony can be created by using one of the following schemes:

Complementary colors: opposite sides of the tile wheel

Adjacent colors: next to each other on the tile wheel

Monochromatic colors: tints and shades of the same colors


The Natural Beauty of Face Brick Tiles Revealed

We carry over 20 000 sq/m in of clay brick tiles in stock and deliver nationwide direct to your door.

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