Sahara Brick Tiles

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Prized for its beauty, creating a feel of purity with a unique patina coloring surface.

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Sahara Brick Tiles are Prized for its beauty, creating a feel of purity with a unique patina coloring surface.

AVG Tile Dimensions: 222mm L x 73mm H x 9mm W

Box Specifications:
AVG 1sq/m per Box
12-14kg per Box
52 Tiles per Box

Sahara Face Brick Tiles

What, with so many different types of wall brick cladding available, constitutes quality thin brick? Quality thin brick is a versatile product made from the best raw materials available. It is made “thin” to eliminate unnecessary waste. And, like the face brick it is imitating, quality thin brick is ceramic and hard fired in kilns.

Brick Tile Shop manufactures a truly quality Face Brick Tile, made from natural clay and shale mined nearby. Because it is real, the finished product looks and feels real. The bricks are extruded in the same way as full brick, only thinner, and fired at high temperatures in tunnel kilns. They are hard fired, making them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors in any climate.

The face brick tile range from Brick Tile Shop can be used on almost any wall that has been properly prepared to accept wall brick cladding. The wall does not need to be load bearing, as full-size brick requires. A thin brick finish requires no demolition and only minor additional construction. Face brick tiles from Brick Tile Shop require less raw material and energy to achieve the same look as a full thickness brick wall.


About Brick Tiles

Manufactured in South-Africa, our clay bricks are fired in a clamp kiln, through a process that is unique to Africa.

Extremely durable, clay face bricks are cut into 9mm slices, these we call brick tiles or brick slips, that is then used for cladding.

When the clamp kiln is unpacked, the various colors are classified and sorted into a pre-determined color range, ranging through purple, dark red, and then to yellow, brown and even red borders with black streaks inside.

Face bricks similar in color range are stacked into a tile cutting machine where several diamond blades will cut the bricks into brick tiles. With this process, we exposes the earthy beauty colors hidden inside the face bricks.

No brick tile is identical to the other, however a certain range of bricks tiles will render a arm age of similar colors, rendering a cone of a kind tiled wall with an aesthetic and unique, earthy appearance

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 15 cm
AVG Tile Dimensions:

222mm L x 73mm H x 9mm W

Box Specifications:

AVG 1sq/m per Box
12-14kg per Box
52 Tiles per Box


Brick Tile Shop

11 reviews for Sahara Brick Tiles

  1. Chantelle Morris

    WOW! very happy with my purchase

  2. Bongani

    Strongly recommend. Very good clay tiles

  3. Connie Nyembezi

    My parents went away for a few weeks and I decided to soosh up their living room as a surprise. My brother and I bought the brick tiles and had no idea of how to install it. Thankfully your website had a very helpful video and needless to say, we got the job done perfectly. It looks so GOOD!! My parents were over the moon with what we did and absolutely love the cladding! thank you for helping my brother and I make my parents feel loved and appreciated.

  4. Alexandro Costa

    Thin Bricks is the way to go! My newly renovated office now feels like a place I would actually WANT to work in.

  5. Jasmine Boysen

    Convinced my husband with a sample tile and now our entertainment area looks amazing! He even complimented me on my correct decision making skills 🙂

  6. Siya

    Best stuff ever! We used it to line the inside of our old motor home ceiling and it is amazing! So easy and created a stunning look.

  7. Nkosi Zwide

    Im so impressed with how our conference room has turned out, what a transformation! These clad brick tiles are worth every penny. Installation was quick and easy.
    there was truly no hassel and no fuss. Excellent service.

  8. Andries

    Our concrete little garden shed was such an eye sore! Now, after doing it over with the brick tiles it looks as if we spent a (very) pretty penny!

  9. Nigel Brink

    Moved into our new home that was desperate for a make over. We redid interior walls ,using 2 different colours. It was so nice having the freedom to switch things up and make our home so much more interesting.

  10. Troy

    Cant say thank you enough! My wife and I spent quality time installing the cladding. A great memory and our walls now look AMAZING!

  11. Adel Pienaar

    Quick & easy. looks fantastic

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