Brick Cladding Tiles

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Brick veneer, thin brick, brick cladding tiles , interior brick veneer, and imitation brick wall panels are all terms used to describe brick tiles.

Brick tiles, also known as brick face tiles, are sliced from face and semi-facial bricks to create a high-quality surface that is weatherproof and requires no care for the rest of its life.

In our brick cladding library, you can see a variety of cladding options. You can choose from our assortment, see how the brick looks with different mortar colors, and utilize our interactive scenarios to see your choice in multiple settings while changing patterns and perspectives.

Along its brick tiles portfolio, brick wall cladding and brick effect tiles are used as building façade to suit a wide range of technical, architectural, and aesthetic needs.

Driveways, retaining walls, paving, trafficked areas, courtyards, patios, paths, pool surrounds, barbeques, alfresco, and gazebo areas are all good candidates for brick tile cladding. The cost of brick cladding tiles in South Africa is unrivaled, and the country’s cladding tile prices are unrivaled, thanks to its unrivaled quality products.