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If you are still not sure about using brick tiles to transform your walls, kindly consider the following:


Different designs offer aesthetics with subtle variations. Customers have a specific preference regarding colors, markings, textures, and patterns. Consequently, the variety of our clay brick tiles can be tailored to customer needs and requirements. At Brick Tile Shop, we aim to promote indulgence in your creativity.


Clay brick tiles are proven and tested in offering the utmost strength and durability. The tiles can withstand exterior exposure to harsh African climatic conditions. The most important feature of clay brick tiles is that they are maintenance-free. When properly designed and installed, our brick tiles surpass other materials regarding lifespan and performance. Customers require tiles that do not color-fade. Clay brick tiles offer the reliability of any world-class tile.


Clay brick tiles are cost-effective, not just because of the long, life cycle that the bricks offer, but also the enhanced value of the building. Building owners benefit from long-term durability and low maintenance. It is thus highly valued as an economical building solution. Clay brick tiles offer long-lived performance with minimal maintenance required. Therefore, you save money by not painting or replacing tiles regularly.

Environmentally friendly

With Brick Tile Shop brick tiles, you are making a natural and environmentally-friendly choice. Clay brick tiles are natural and made from abundant African sourced materials. All industry players are adopting manufacturing techniques that minimize their carbon footprint. In this context, brick tiles are one of the most eco-friendly building solutions. Also, it’s worth noting that brick tiles are recyclable.


The variety in color of clay bricks tiles makes them ideal for achieving any desired design and appearance. There is a wide range of choices available when deciding to clad walls using brick tiles. It’s worth noting that textures and colors vary enormously. As a result, you can easily find a tile to suit your architectural desire and taste. Our clay brick tiles are designed to offer a very attractive quality finish, also protecting walls from climatic conditions.

Never Paint Again

Once brick tiles have been applied correctly, your wall is sealed which means lower maintenance costs as you will never have to paint again!

At Brick Tile Shop, we have an unrivalled selection of unique, rich earthy colored tiles.

Choose our brick tile range for high quality and a competitively priced building solution, that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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