Details How To Install Brick Tiles

Application Instruction

Surface Preparation

Remove any loose paint or plaster and repair flaking surfaces. Dust down the prepared surface and remove any grease or dirt.

Seal the surface with a suitable primer if required.

Mark out level lines using a spirit level on the blank wall surface.

Adhesive Application

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the brick tile adhesive to the desired consistency.

Once mixed, start applying the adhesive to the surface using an adhesive trowel.

Use large sweeping strokes to ensure consistent coverage.

Fitting Brick Tiles

Apply the first course of brick tiles to the surface in the desired pattern, cutting in where necessary.

Remember to add spacers in between all courses.

Corner brick tiles can be used to fit around reveals and chimneys.

Complete the work whilst the adhesive is still workable

Sealant (optional)

Once the tiling is complete and the adhesive has dried, you may want to add the first coat of sealant to protect the brick tiles. (This is optional – but recommended especially for kitchen areas to avoid any grease splashes or stain marks on the tiles)

Ensure the tiles are clean, dry, and free of any dust before the sealant is applied with a brush.


Following the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the pointing mortar to the desired consistency.

Add mortar into the pointing gun and apply the mortar into the joints, then strike off the excess using the jointing tool to the desired finish.


Once the area is pointed and dry, ensure the slips are clean, dry, and free of dust.

Apply a final coat of sealer to protect the surface of the brick tile if required/desired.


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  1. Greatarticle! Thanks for sharing.. Installing brick tiles can be a fantastic way to add rustic charm and character to your space. Whether you’re aiming for an accent wall or a unique flooring option, the process can be relatively straightforward. Start by preparing the surface, ensuring it’s clean and level. Then, apply a suitable adhesive and carefully place the brick tiles, using spacers to maintain even gaps. Once the adhesive has dried, grout the tiles and clean off any excess. With attention to detail and patience, you can achieve a stunning brick tile installation that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home or office.

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