The Following 4 Benefits of Thin Bricks

Sahara Thin Brick

Thin bricks are a more recent product on the market that is growing in popularity in both residential and commercial structures. It is also known as thin brick veneer . Both internal and external walls can be covered with it. Without the expense or weight of conventional brick or masonry, thin bricks can produce a […]

The Difference Between Thin Brick and Face Brick

Thin Brick Cladding

Brick Cladding is a great technique to increase curb appeal and property value on the exterior of your home. Brick Tiles are aesthetically pleasing, ageless, and may significantly improve the outside décor of your home. Although it can also be utilized inside, we’ll focus on exterior brick cladding in this post. The terms face brick […]

History of Clay Bricks

Clay Brick Tiles

The use of unfired clay bricks used in the construction of dwellings can be dated back to about 7500 BC. Primitive people for thousands of years built their shelters with anything they could lay their hands on to try and protect them from the elements, like stone, rock, branches, palm tree leaves, mud, and clay.

How to Install Brick Tiles

Serengeti Brick Tile

Remove any loose paint or plaster and repair flaking surfaces. Dust down the prepared surface and remove any grease or dirt.